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Exclusive Interview: Lisa Vanderpump

Throw her to the wolves and she shall return leading the pack.

If you know me, you know that I LOVE anything Real Housewives. And if you really know me, you know that Beverly Hills is my favorite season and Lisa Vanderpump is my FAVORITE housewife!

I chatted with the reality star at the Ebola And Beyond charity event in New York City on Monday and I was wondering if she was going to be as charming as she is on the show. Spoiler alert: she’s even more charming in person! Only Lisa could make a fashion faux pas like forgetting the name of the designer you’re wearing look elegant and charming.

Lisa told me what we can expect on next week’s season finale and upcoming reunion show. “That’s kind of a pretty scary situation. Lisa said. “I actually had a good season but yeah. It gets very heated. Especially the reunion as well. Very intense.” I can’t wait!

Watch my cheeky interview with Lisa above!