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Ddumblonde Returns With New Single “White Hot Lies”

Dumblonde is back!

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten new music from Dumblonde. The pop duo which is made up of former Danity Kane members, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex, released their new single titled “White Hot Lies,” today and it’s AMAZING! The song is a sugary sweet slice of pop that is perfect for your pool party playlist this summer.

“Your white hot lies electrify me / I might just like the way they feel in me,” Aubrey and Shannon sing in unison. “Make me high on a low and I can’t let go / But I’m never satisfied / Your white hot lies electrify me / So lie to me.”

Watch my 2015 interview with Dumblonde here!

I love a track with innuendo! The song also feels like it was plucked out of pop music circa 2010 (that’s a good thing). Listen below: