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Ariana Grande’s new music video is going to be so fetch!

The singer was dropping hints on her Instagram page about a new project. We were scratching our heads at first but now we know what it is! Ariana has been busy recreating scenes and looks from her favorite early 2000s movies for the music video for her new single “thank u, next!”

The first movie she decided to reboot was the always-fetch Mean Girls, which she channeled by dressing up in a fluffy pink crop top and posting pictures of her and her crew. If you were wondering if her outfit was really supposed to give off Mean Girls vibes. Ari also posted a still from the movie of Karen Smith (played by Amanda Seyfried) rolling her eyes with the caption “Thank u, next” below it. And she also captioned a picture of her kissing her friend with this iconic movie quote: “Yeah but she’s my FIRST cousin.” LOVING THIS!

Next, Ariana posted a photo with an old MacBook with the iconic Reese Witherspoon quote from Legally Blonde quote, “Whoever said orange is the next pink, was seriously disturbed.” She also posed in a photo with Jennifer Coolidge, who played the hilarious role of Paulette in the movie, and captioned the photo, “Thank u, next,” which is also so amazing!

But, wait there’s more awesomeness! Then Ariana showed off her ponytail-less hair, comparing it to Jennifer Garner’s style in 13 Going on 30. Ariana’s not 30 just yet, but she’s def channeling those flirty and thriving vibes with the classic hairstyle.


InstagramThe fourth romantic comedy Ariana is channeling in her new music video is Bring It On! Ari posted a photo of her in a red cheerleading outfit as a Missy Pantone-style cheerleader and her squad are recreating the East Compton Clovers’ vibe.

Do they make Oscars for music videos because Ariana Grande should win!

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