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Say what?!

Spice Girl Mel B has described the group’s debut track “Wannabe” as annoying. Okay, before you totally freak out, she also said that it’s her favorite track too, because it propelled the girls into superstardom.

“My favourite Spice Girls track has to be ‘Wannabe’ because it’s our first single that we exploded onto the scene in, and the music industry, and to all your homes and radio… hahaha!” the star told BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

“It’s such an annoying, amazing, brilliant song that we wrote ourselves so yeah, that’s my favourite.”

Photo: Dawbell

While on the show, Mel B also opened up about relationships, love and awareness of abuse as she spoke about her new book, Brutally Honest. Her memoir details her divorce from Stephen Belfanote, and how she battled with depression and drug abuse.

“[My book] tackles such very taboo issues. My only option was to talk about and write it because I didn’t know anyway out,” she said. “And talking about certain situations I’ve been in was very theoretic.

“Abuse on any level should be spoken about, and you should know you can help. By doing this book I’m hopefully encouraging people not to live a life like I’ve lived for ten years and that you can get out of it by talking about it.”

The Spice Girls – minus Victoria Beckham – will be reuniting for their 2019 UK tour, with Mel B revealing that they will begin rehearsing in April next year.

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